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2018-01-31 16:09Jason Says:
Boobs lovers, look away. This girl is not for you.

Visited Xiao Qing over the past weekend. She\\\'s operating in Area B in a 3-bedroom unit in a very old private apartment block. Place is relatively discreet, with limited parking lots nearby. Drivers would be well advised to request to park their vehicles within the property\\\'s compound. (Location: 6/10)

On the day of my visit, the lift was not working and I had to climb up the stairs several floors to get to her flat. When the door opened, noticed that everything in the flat was quite old and rundown. Fortunately, photos are genuine, and the actual person is a sweet and 乖乖 GND,which is my preferred type, which rendered the climb up the stairs not a wasted effort. The third and last photos in her ad on look closest to her. (Looks: 7/10)

She led me to her room, which had its own attached toilet. The cleanliness of the room and the toilet was quite alright. (Cleanliness: 7/10) After taking my shower, she helped me wipe dry. Asked her to remove her dress, which she acceded. Her body is skinny and she\\\'s nearly flat that I couldn\\\'t resist teasing her, \\\"A-罩杯?” She responded spontaneously by giving me a playful smack, \\\"你好坏,取笑人家。” To console her, I replied, “不是每个男人都喜欢大胸的。”

Lay face down on the bed, and the massage duly started. The massage covered the back, buttocks and the back of the leg. Not piano, but a bit too soft for me as I enjoy hard massages. (Massage: 6.5/10) She initiated conversation with me during the massage, asking if I\\\'m a football fan. She revealed that she\\\'s a football addict, and a fan of Man U and Barcelona, and would watch every match involving either team. As I\\\'m a Man U fan myself, had a fun time chatting about several of our favourite Man U players, and some of the memorable matches.

Then, suddenly, without warning, she pressed her body against my back and started to gently kiss the back of my neck, followed by nibbles on my earlobes which were accompanied by the sound of her breathing. The kisses then travelled down my spine and back up to the nape, and then down again, the second cycle coupled with concurrent light touches of her fingers on my body. The feeling was both ticklish and sensual at the same time. When her lips reached my buttocks, she started to use her hands to reach under me to caress the balls and my didi, which by now was fully awaken, and longing for action. Turned over, and she started by kissing my forehead, tip of my nose, my lips before moving downwards to the nips, navel and the pelvic region, while her right hand gently grabbed my didi, as if to ensure that I would not cum prematurely. She then sat on my didi and gyrated her lower body. Even though separated by the thin fabric of her panties, I could feel the warmth of her pussy. Finally, she knelt next to me, giving me access to her private part (with panties on) while she jerked me with two hands. Took the invitation and started rubbing the clitoris and the exterior of her pussy outside the panties. Soon, I could feel her wetness through the panties, and ventured a little further by sliding a finger underneath the panties to stimulate her clit. She did not resist and was clearly enjoying it, and I noticed her eyeballs rolling up, while she jerked my didi with increased intensity which caused me to shoot a considerable amount of cum, some of which landing on my left shoulder. (Sensual/HJ: 8.5/10)

She helped me clean up, and asked me to take a rest, while she went to wash her hands. When she returned, she told me that there was still 10-odd minutes before the next appointment, and asked me if I wanted a head massage. Instead, I asked her to lay down beside me to chat, which she did. As we engaged in idle chit-chat, she would from time to time use her fingers to gently run across my chest, and kissed me on the lips, the chest and the back of my hands, just like a girlfriend would, while I reciprocated with the occasional kisses and rubbing of her pubic area. (GFE: 8.5/10).

Finally, time to shower and she once again helped me wipe dry. Paid up, gave her a big hug, a peck on her lips and took my leave. It was quite an enjoyable session, despite the derelict condition of the building, the broken down lift, and her (lack of) boobs. Will certainly RTM. Hopefully she\\\'ll move to a newer place which is more convenient by then.
2018-01-19 19:10Alex Says:
had her in the morning
Great attitude and service
Very obliging and courteous
Two thumbs up

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