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2017-12-05 22:33Hummer Says:
Boobs: firm, D cup i think.
Tall girl, i like.
Looks: chio 5/5
BJ: while bathing and in room 5/5
AR: i reject the offer. Not a fan.
FJ: did 2 rounds, so wet and grip my dick when she came.
RTF: yes before this weekend! REGRETED not try her earlier cos she going back on 11 dec.
2017-11-30 18:30Hurry Says:
She is leaving soon. Those Wanna try her dont miss the boat.
2017-11-28 22:26阿哥 Says:
2017-12-05 01:47芥末 Says:
2017-11-25 17:58Milf hunter Says:
So hard to get a slot. Guess she is quite popular. Had fun with thia milf, big boobs friendly and responsive. More importantly is naturally horny and wet
2017-11-22 22:39舔妹 Says:
2017-11-21 16:24Hunter Says:
Saw this new lady today,fast hand fast leg go try her. Good service but i think her boobs is more than B. Request for breast job, love the feeling of breast wrap around my dick. Unload onto her chest. Rest a while for 2nd shot. Will rtf

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