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Age 年龄 : Years Old

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2018-01-19 17:36Baby Says:
2018-01-12 07:15TinkerTinker Says:
想你了 回来北部吧!
2017-12-14 14:44wu ming Says:
Pic Resemblance: 99% of pic , less makeup
Looks: 8/10 Pretty JC SYT, bit of acne from weather, looks better than pic.
Boobs: 8/10 big B cups
Massage: N.A
Frenching: 8.5/10 Great
BBBJ: 8/10 Not bad
FJ: 8.5/10, Great FJ, very wet and likes to be fingered hard. Was hesitant at first
GFE: 9/10 Easy to communicate, the kind you feel like baoing.
Location: Easy access and well hidden from public,
Room: Big room with semi private toilet.<
2017-11-24 18:55Divan lee Says:
She is very playful and we break ice easily.

After the bathing, we came and hug, BM and slowly proceed to BBBJ, which is overall above average.. She then cap me, we french awhile and she slot it in her pussy. See her boobs rocking is cool. Her facial expression is real and very sensual. Then sat up and continue and french as well. Turn her over and starts missionary. Before poking in, I see she fingering herself! this is fucking turn on, maybe she high. I then help her by paintin
2017-10-29 14:57蓝天白云 Says:
Good service n pretty babe than pic
2017-10-13 15:41小帅哥 Says:
2017-09-15 10:27vcd Says:
I did a massage session with Xiao mi last week and though this is late, but I know she deserves.

She has great service and has a slutty look but is a really fragile sweet gal at heart, so be nice to her.

Looks: looks slightly different from the pics with less make up but she is sweet, so not issue, as she more than makes up for it.
Boobs: nice and firm, cute nips though
Body: really rocks, curvy with soft ass. could not stop grabbing her ass while she
2017-09-11 02:01秋哥 Says:
2017-09-09 22:30Dominic. Says:
Heh babe.Thks for De massage and De blowjob...I feel like going to heaven
...Next time I will come back to your place again....
2017-09-07 01:37胖子 Says:
2017-09-05 19:40灰哥 Says:
2017-09-04 09:08vincent Says:
Tried xiao min yesterday afternoon.

Location: North

Looks: 7.5 (very oriental kinda look with somewhat phoenix eyes and oval face, considered good looking)

Body: 7.5 (big B, no tummy fat, fair, smooth, no tattoo but overall my cup of tea)

Massage: 7 (10-15mins only as it\'s not her forte and not the main dish but good enough for an introductory rub before the real deal)

BBBJ & CIM: 10 (the best a man can get)

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